Dwayne Hopkins

M.Eng, P.Eng
Innovation and Sustainability Consultant
About The Member

Dwayne is an experienced professional senior engineer with project management experience.  He can provide technical advice and innovative support for sustainable product developments that provide social, environment, and economic benefits.

For the past 15 years, Dwayne has been developing technology for the offshore energy industry, both locally and internationally.  He provides strategic advice and recommendations on technology developments that provide added value for all relevant stakeholders (management, employees, environment, clients, shareholders, government, and society).  He has been exploring environmentally sustainable technological solutions with a greater focus on renewable energy. Technology developments acted on and managed include: enhanced offshore evacuation products in hazardous environments; re-usable subsea pipeline systems; and subsea energy storage for power grid stabilization.

Dwayne graduated with a Master’s in Naval Architecture Engineering from Memorial University in 2004.